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Our services

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USC's stores (or stock) of goods in large quantities in a warehouse through paletiers sometimes mobile, using a forklift. Warehouse Features:

• More than 13 000 m² of warehouses

• More than 10 000 m² of land surrounding -full

• More than 3600 m² of outdoor stores and 3,600 m² of embankment in Abidjan and San Pedro.

USC is a maritime consignee its mandated several shipowners and performs all administrative, technical and commercial ship during its stay in port. Its mission is to: • negotiate loading and unloading. moving in the oil field of research (offshore, onshore) on land and at sea for many years and has gained experience with the son of the years with its partners. is at your service to do the packing of your business in order to make a move with our trucks. is a handler (stevedore, stevedores) who takes care of all loading and unloading of merchant ships in the commercial ports. Strengths: • Liaison Vehicles • Vans • Multiple Pick up a double and single cab • 01 Challenger and telescopic crane brand Kalmar 88T • Mobile Crane 20T • Trucks 35T trailers, vans, dump trucks • Cargo Gear: Forks (12T, 7T, 05T, 04T) • A repair and maintenance workshop for tracking rolling stock.